Best Quarantine Games during Covid-19

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As most people are stuck at home, more people are looking for games to play with their friends online. I’ve compiled my top 3 favorite games that will be a guaranteed hit with all your friends!

1. (Pictionary)

Browser Based

2 - 12 Players is Pictionary online. The host can set the number of rounds and each round one player gets to select 1 word out of 3 given to draw. There is a time limit for the other players to type in their guess. There are also blanks on the top of the screen displaying how many letters are in the word.

The user interface and instructions are clear and intuitive for new players to use! I have also not encountered any technical issues or disconnection issues that other games have.

One really cool feature is that allows the host to upload custom words for players to draw and guess which can add some challenge and excitement to the game.

Recently one of my coworkers had a baby shower and my team of 10 played to celebrate! It was easy to access as people could use either their phone or computer to play. The instructions were also easy to follow as it was most people’s first time playing. The best part was that I was able to upload my own custom list of baby themed words which added to the fun!

2. Among Us (Mafia)

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Phone / Tablet App

2 - 10 Players

Among Us is one of those quirky and fun games you fall in love with. The game takes place on a spaceship where each player is an astronaut. But some of the players are imposters! 

This game is similar to Mafia and Resistance where you are trying to find out the spies or “imposters” in this game. But Among Us adds to the game by allowing the user to move their character to complete a series of missions that can allow the good players to win. But the imposters are given many tools at their disposal including sabotaging the spaceship, sneaking through vents and most importantly killing off the good astronauts one by one… Whenever a dead body is found by another player, a vote is called and this is where the mafia style lying begins! 

I’ve spent many hours yelling and shrieking in fear wondering if the player next to you is the imposter trying to kill you! 

Don’t buy the game on steam, it is free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store! 

3. BrokenPicturePhone (Telephone Pictionary)

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Browser Based

2+ Players

Telephone Pictionary is probably my favorite party game of all time. The sheer hilarity of people’s terrible drawings and people’s horrible guesses makes every game unique and full of fun! BrokenPicturePhone is an automated, easy to use online version of Telephone Pictionary! It automatically does the passing of pictures and guessing between all the players.

There are unfortunately some issues with the game. First, I have encountered a couple of time disconnecting and not being able to join the game. This causes additional issues as you are now a blocker to the game proceeding if you cannot guess or draw. Second, the sidebar displaying the next player to receive your drawing or words is not very clear.  Hope you have fun trying these games with your friends!